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St. Francis & the Wolf is a four piece rock & roll outfit out of San Francisco, California. Part 60's dance party, part smokey blues bar band with a little desert highway vibes thrown in; St. Francis & the Wolf's eclectic sound will will have you moving all night...


Alberto Martinez - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica

Alberto started learning guitar as a teenager under the tutelage of his father and brother, Miguel.  He is the principal songwriter and arranger for the band. His influences include The Beatles, Frank Black & the Catholics, Prince, Buddy Guy, Roy Orbison, Isaac Hayes, and Pixies among many others.


Miguel Martinez  - lead guitar, backing vocal, lead vocals

Miguel began playing as child musical prodigy. He started at age 9 first learning Spanish Classical style guitar before quickly graduating to Rock & Roll. Miguel has been Alberto's guitar teacher and writing partner since their early days of jamming in their garage with in their dad. Miguel's influences include George Harrison,  Brian May, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Gil Martinez among others.


Jaime Garcia - bass guitar, backing vocals

Jaime (aka Jim, aka Jimmy G, aka Heartbreak Jimmy) first became curious about the bass guitar when he first saw Peter Tork "play" one on the classic 70's T.V. show The Monkees. When he reached his teenage years, Jim gave in to his bass curiosity and began learning to play. His bouncy bass lines provide a playful backdrop to St. Francis & the Wolf's rich melodies. Jaime's influences include Donald "Duck" Dunn, James Jamerson, Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, Bootsy Collins ,Phil Lynette, Jaco Pastorious, and Sting among others.


Asheesh Khokha - drums, backing vocals       

Ash picked up the drums at an early age and quickly developed as a well rounded musician; picking up guitar and percussion instruments. A real musician's drummer, Ash's precision and imagination create the perfect platform for St. Francis & the Wolf's eclectic style. Ash's influences include The Rolling Stones, The Police, Black Crowes, and Stalin among others.

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